Absolute SlackPalace – Powerpuff Girls Monopoly

Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute SlackPalace Absolute

Absolutely slacking, like those overweight human blobs utterly dependent on their soda-dispensing-greasy-fries-serving-all-entertainment-constantly-provided cushion chairs in Wall-E. Abso-feckin’-ly slackin’. Like, I got no other way to describe it.

Chia as Blossom! The Number 1 leader!

Shao as Bubbles! The Joy and the Laughter!

Jeri as Buttercup! The Toughest Fighter!

Sumo as Mojo Jojo! Aaaaaaaannddddd………..

Sra Zei as Professor Oak X Utonium!

I totally owned at Powerpuff Girls Monopoly. Luck was on my side. And I already have the skill.

Jeri (Buttercup): Flowershop! Flowershop! Flowershop! Flowershop! I need to land on Flowershop!
Sra (Professor Utonium): You need to roll a 2 to get Flowershop, which is an even number…you won’t be able to buy it anyway!
Jeri  (Buttercup) : …ARGH!!
Chia (Blossom) : 5…6…7…oh, too late guys. I got the Flowershop!

Shao (Bubbles): Oh damnmit everywhere’s so dangerous…I should just stay in jail, safest place, since I don’t have property anyway! Free food free shelter… (rolls dice three times) nope, no doubles. Guess I’m still in jail then!
Sumo (MojoJojo): (lands on Just Visiting Jail, where Bubbles is jailed) … … oh, the irony! Hello, Bubbles!

Chia (Blossom): I’ll give you Bonsai Gardens if you’ll give me the PetStore and free access to all your green-coded properties.
Sra (Professor U): Don’t be stupid!
(A while later)
Sra (Prof U): Find, I’ll do it. Free access and PetStore for Bonsai Gardens.
(Some time later)
Chia (Blossom): Hello Sra! Nice to see you’ve built a house here!
Sra (Prof U) : = fume =
Chia (Blossom) : Wow, construction coming along very well! Two houses – three houses – Just swinging by!
Sra (Prof U) : = growl =
Shao (Bubbles) : Nooooooo!!! Shit Sra’s Green properties all damn dangerous. $900 on this and $975 on that! AAHHH!!
Chia (Blossom) : Hey, Sra! Just visitin…making loads of money I see!



Year of 2010, 364th day.

Bill's All Stars Team in the Hall of Fame!

Bill's All Stars team in the Hall of Fame!

Pokemon Fire-Red, Bill’s Pokemon Team!


My first photoshop ever! The charming and the powerful, the fiery and the beautiful, the fierce, the sleek, the dangerous – Let’s go kick some ass!!!


Valka, Bill's Guardian. Likes pretty girls, likes making Bill's life difficult.

Valka, Bill's Guardian. Likes pretty girls. Makes Bill's life difficult.

Summon Nights

Bill: Craftsmaster-in-training, under the tutelage of Bron the Blacksmith.
Valka : Loud-mouthed-carrot-headed guardian.

Summon Night : Swordcraft has good characterisation, good graphics, mediocre music, and is most attractive for its weapon-building-battle-strategy fighting style. The fighting scenes themselves tend to lack intensity, mostly because Gameboy Advance emulators lack the ‘fluidity’ of battle allowed by playstation or X-box consoles. There also isn’t a ‘counter-attack’  feature, which would up the frequency of fighting and add more spice to the strategizing. 


Fire Emblem 7 : The Blazing Sword

Lords Eliwood of Pherae, Lyndis of Caelin, and Hector of Ostia

While we’re at it, Fire Emblem is, and remains, one of the best GBA games of all time. The Blazing Sword (Rekka no Ken) is the 7th in this series, with a better storyline and characterization than the other Fire-Emblem GBA roms.

My final seven? Guy with the Regal Blade, Heath with the Rex Hasta, Raven with Basilikos, Rath with the Rienfleche, Lucius with Aureola and Luce, Nino with Excalibur, and Canas with Gespenst. They’ve got the looks and the books, the brains and the brawn, the guts and the honor!