My goal by the end of this week is to go through the whole box of plasters! Yay for feet blisters and terrible work shoes. If I go through the entire box I treat myself too…..running barefoot through mud!

Funny Flash:

Keefam : damn this Iphone autocorrect. It can’t even recognize my own name.

Me : I thought it learns. You type it often enough…

Keefam : Yeah like I spend my whole afternoon on the toiletbowl typing “Keefam! Keefam! Keefam, dammit! It’s K-E-E-F-A-M. And blood thing keeps autocorrecting “me” to “mr”! I mean really how stupid can it get?? Everyone uses “me” more often than “mr” … like look lemme show ya…bloody thing…

K : I don’t get that on my iphone.

Keefam : hey waitaminute. Oh I just found out that the letters ‘e’ and ‘r’ are side by side…


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