No names shall be mentioned for privacy purposes.

Another quick one today. I snatched a nice maroon notebook embossed with ‘Singapore’ from my friend’s directorate. That was after I spent the morning at a climate change seminar covering the successes and failures of the Copenhagen and Cancun summits with regards to Singapore’s foreign policy. The very reliable speaker recapped already known points with a greater focus on Singapore’s position on climate change, and it was interesting to see potential-future-policy-makers in action with their questions and opinions.

Climate change has been covered to the death by experts far more appropriate to speak than I. The Economist has a decent analysis of the 2009 and 2010 summits, with another good commentary on the diplomacy involved. Interesting to see how long the established framework will last and how it will move on from there – watch out for South Africa’s conference at the end of this year, guys.

There was also a visit by Kuwaiti students and a few government staff today, and I sat in on a presentation of Singapore’s foreign policy, given by our SMS…with whom I nearly sat beside, but I swapped seats with the REAL FA representative … thankfully. A very eye-opening experience, given the frankness of the visitors, who gamely discussed ‘touchy’ issues about our diplomacy and foreign relations. I wanted to take my nametag as a momento but instead I ended up with one that says “ABDULLAH AL-FAILAKAWI”. Failakawi sounds nice. It rolls of your tongue!

Lunch today was at ‘NTU Bus Stop Canteen No. 2’. But the food at the Kuwaiti reception was good. This internship keeps me very well fed physically and mentally. Back to work now…cross my fingers and hope for the best.



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