The fourth animal to arrive was the cautious Rabbit…

Well scuppers! but I was sure 2011 was the Year of the Rat. Luckily I checked it online before cutting a rat out of my one and only MeiZhenXiang bakua delivery bag.

Not bad for a 4.30am-er, is it? Quite something, actually, when you consider that I failed art and craft all the time. Spiffing bunch, the zodiac animals. Brings some novelty in our Lunar New Year decorations, keeps things a little fresh for product design and consumerism.

For all the multiple-of-twelve-year-olds : The Rabbit Horoscope.

Rabbits don’t look cool, as a rule, but I found some admirable exceptions.

And then of course who could forget the uncomparably slick Bugs Bunny!

Enjoy Chinese New Year, guys! The holiday, the food, the family, the bunnies, the fun, the money, the gambling, the national-service-t0-come, the ra-ra-ra and bla-bla-bla! GongXiFaCai!


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