My beloved 3NOns (pronounced threenons), I absolutely spent the whole morning trying to make a collage of all our best pictures, but photoshop just refuses to open bitmap images and most of the facebook photos are in bitmap. So until I can get .jpeg images, we’ll just have to settle for hot pictures Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, whom I aspire to be when I grow up. I know he’s a little incongrous with BioRA and all that, but hey : even with my exceptional good looks, we could all use a bit of Sexta Espada.

Oops. Wrong one. Scratch that…

…Er. Hang on.

Gak! – I’m working on it. Rrrrrrrrrrright-0. Here we go! Behold! The Big! The Bad! The Bold! The Blue

…well, hey. Looks like my beloved 3NOns, and Joshua Tung who gets a guest appearance for sheer charisma, can give Mr Panthera a run for his money after all! And why not – you guys are my world!

Somebody doesn’t seem too excited about having to share a blogpost.


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