Happy twentyleven!

Dear stunningly gorgeous myself,

How are you? Happy twentyleven! This is an original term of my own. It has 4 syllables, say it with me : twen-ty-le-ven! It’s much shorter than twen-ty-e-le-ven or two-thou-sand-and-e-le-ven. Good to know you’re walking in Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit non-shoes : “I am eleventy-one years old!” (He is a hundred and eleven years old.) Eleventy-one, twenty-leven. Twenty-ten lacks the hobbityness of twenty-leven…it sounds too proper. Come to think of it, every other number (twenty-twelve, twenty-thirteen, etc) sounds proper. I’d better enjoy saying twenty-leven while I can. 

So twenty-leven’s looking pretty good so far, especially because I’ve spent most of it lying down. Stomach up for looking at the sky, stomach down for reading, eating, drawing and using the computer. I’d make a pretty good compass if I could be bothered to change direction more often. God bless B 16-1, New Hampshire, Kuala Lumpur, Malayisa, for the abundance of clean, comfortable and belly-friendly surfaces. However, all that pressure isn’t flattening your stomach any, and a slacking marathon doesn’t burn calories the way a normal marathon does, so you’d best remember to do a bit of exercise. No procrastination!

Aston Martin

Stunningly sexy, yes?

Incidentally, here’s a lesson against procrastination: You know you what you should have done while you still had the chance? You should have sat the MRT from Jurong East all the way to Pasir Ris! You’ve always wanted to do it but you put it off till after the A levels. But now that you no longer have the student concession rate, you’ll have to pay a lot more to sit the train. Sucks to age! Can you imagine keeping a car, what with the petrol and all? And to think I was looking up pictures of Aston Martins! I heard they’re in the league of hard-on inducing cars, though the pictures were slightly disappointing. 

I suppose it’s all relative. For me, it’s a chilly wind and epic music, such as Serenata Immortale by Immediate Music.

Funny Flash :

Covie : You know the statue of the charging bull in Manhattan? People like to stand behind it and touch its balls, and take a picture. I wanted to lick its balls and take a picture, but there were two problems with it : firstly, its minus-zero degrees out there, so if I licked it, my tongue might get stuck to it. Secondly, it was a family outing…so no hanky panky.

Hamtaro: Wait. what?

Covie : The statue of the charging bull at wall street?

Hamtaro :…I didn’t hear the word ‘statue’ at first.

Covie : Why…would I want to lick the balls of a real bull?!

(Why would you want to lick the balls of anything?)


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